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We now have loyalty cards for our Cork Club Program similar to our Beer Club cards. The next time you come into the Pub bring your passport and a loyalty card will be issued with your current points. Going forward this will be all you need to earn points and they will be added to your account automatically. Please go to the following website to check your balance:


We hope that you enjoy the new program. Please email Rachael if you have any questions.

Cork Club Hours, Rules and Prizes

The Cork Club is a journey through the world of wonderful wines. To that end, rewards are given for attaining numeric levels of wines tasted. Membership is ONLY $20 to sign up initially. Your first glass of wine is free when you join. Any specials for Wine Club members will begin at 5:00 pm on Wednesdays in the Pub area or in the restaurant. It will be the member’s responsibility to bring their Cork Club Loyalty Card with them to have points added.

Glasses of wine may be purchased at Happy Hour prices if they are one of the wines on special. Thursday ½ Bottle wine bottles will count for the full price point value, so it is really like double points. On Wednesdays Cork Club Members will receive double points for all purchases. The Cork Club Members will receive a point for each glass of wine purchased, and multiple points for bottles of wine purchased. This means that Members will be rewarded for quantity purchased, not variety.

Reward levels do not reset annually, but continue to accrue and rewards are as follows:

Points Reward
Perfect Pinot 100 $25 Victoria Gift Card
Spicy Sin ZINS 400 $50 Victoria Gift Card
Mighty Malbec 700 $100 Victoria Gift Card
Beautiful Bordeaux 1,000 $150 Victoria Gift Card, and your name on the Beautiful Bordeaux Plaque in the Pub area
Cali Cabs 2,500 Wine Dinner for 4 and your name on the Cali Cabs Plaque in the Pub area

 The Point System is as follows:

Item Price Range Points
Glass of Wine Any price 1 Point
Bottle of Wine $1 – $50 5 Points
Bottle of Wine $51 – $100 10 Points
Bottle of Wine $101 – $150 15 Points
Bottle of Wine $151 – $200 20 Points
Bottle of Wine $201 – $250 25 Points
Bottle of Wine $251 – $300 30 Points
Bottle of Wine $301 – $350 35 Points
Bottle of Wine $351 – $400 40 Points
Bottle of Wine $401 – $450 45 Points
Bottle of Wine $451 – $500 50 Points
Bottle of Wine $501 + 70 Points

For Cork Club Members only, we will hold an annual GIVE AWAY of a trip, a rare bottle of wine, or winery tours, on Beaujolais Nouveau which always falls on the Third Thursday in November.  The “prize” will vary from year to year. The French have made this holiday as a way to celebrate the end of the harvest. Beaujolais Nouveau is a young purple-pink wine that is particularly lightweight, and made from the gamay grape which has thinner skins than most other red wine grape varietals. It is intended for immediate drinking, and should not be cellared or kept for longer than a year. People celebrate this holiday all over the world. In order to be eligible for the annual give-away you must be an active member in the club.

The 2010 Winery Tour Trip was to Napa Valley, California and the 2011 Trip was to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.  We have posted pictures from both trips on our facebook page!  In 2012 we gave away a bottle of the rare Harlan Estate Caernet Sauvignon, 2003.


Q: What do I need to do to join & sign up?

A: Simply pay the initial dues of $20, receive your Cork Club Loyalty Card, and begin enjoying tasty wine!

Q: What do I get for the $20?

A: Your first glass of wine is free, Member events, level achievement rewards, 10 % discount on ALL of our monthly tasting events, and a whole lot of fun!

Q: Can I count the points accrued after tax and gratuity?

A: The points are counted pre-tax.

Q: When is the drawing for the annual giveaway?

A: The drawing will be held annually on Beaujolais Nouveau right in the Pub.

Q: Do I need to be present to win the annual giveaway?

A: Yes, you or someone representing you, must be present to win the giveaway.

Q: Do I need to be present to win runner up trip raffle prizes on Beaujolais Nouveau?

A: Yes- we want you all to be present for the big party and to be part of the fun!

Q: What if I lose or forget my Cork Club Loyalty Card?

A: If you forget your member card, we will NOT be able to add the wine from that visit onto your card.  It must be added at the time that you order that specific wine.  If you lose your member card, we can issue you a new card for a $10 fee.

Q: If multiple cork club members decide to purchase a bottle, do we get to share the points?

A: No- only one member get’s to count the points for the bottle.